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    22 Nov, 2015
    Internet folk, I've been drifting around the real world a little too long lately and have kinda forgot how good it feels to spend hours online surfing websites and hitting that like button on cat videos floating around facebook. How good are cat videos?? Anyway, so here's the deal, I'm almost 27 and at the ripe old age of 26 and 9 months I decided that it'd be an awesome idea to get a full time job. A FULL TIME JOB! WHOA... #commitment #growingup  So as fun as it is to work for yourself and
    12 Oct, 2015
    Having spent the last five days in Cambodia and being the subject to a number of interesting opportunists, I thought it was only fair that I share some of my wisdom to those of you who also wish to make your way over here. This may just allow you to stand tall throughout the situations where I seemed to of fallen short #scambodia :) If you've been keeping up with my vlogs on YouTube you might have seen this first scam play out. Let's call it the 'Child Needs Milk' scam. Picture a baby holding
    24 Sep, 2015
    This is the ultimate guide to minimalism! If you don't NEED it, it's not coming with, so read on friends :) Whenever I travel interstate or anywhere when I come to think about it, I always like to make sure I have the essentials! A few key items that enter my suitcase to rapidly reduce my anxiety levels. Interstate travel is great. You can rock up literally as the flight is boarding, waltz on through the security check like a boss & be at your destination sooner than it takes to cook a roast
  4. South East Asia PandaBed Adventure
    14 Sep, 2015
    South East Asia PandaBed Adventure
    Just in... NEWS FLASH!! We're going to ASIA!  The day Lisa & I got back from Europe (over a month ago) I decided to jump online and share some photos from our adventures. Turns out whilst I was surfing the internet I stumbled across this video that 'Flying The Nest' had posted to their YouTube channel. The team at PandaBed (an accommodation provider similar to Air B&B) were on the hunt for a couple of interns to help them create video content to showcase their awesome accommodation across south
  5. R U OK? A Simple Question to Help Save Lives!!
    10 Sep, 2015
    R U OK? A Simple Question to Help Save Lives!!
    Sometimes the internet can be a really really dark place. But from that darkness shines some of the brightest of lights! For me, over the last 12 months, each time I've felt anxious, depressed, over-the-moon, happy, or even curious and unsure about something I've reached out to the online world and people have responded. I've found so much light & positivity from strangers, from people I've never even met or ever seen before. People responding to my concerns by posting comments on a video I've
    07 Sep, 2015
    What up guys!! So one of the most frequently asked questions in the comment section of my YouTube video blogs is "What camera do you use?" I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a blog post that responds to all of you at once explaining some of the more technical side to how I create my video content. This way, next time someone asks me that very same question I can point them in the right direction by linking them to this post!! Sorted ai :) You see the trick to video blogging or daily
  7. What Are The Odds (The best travel game)
    25 Jul, 2015
    What Are The Odds (The best travel game)
    I think for me, the best part about travelling is meeting new people. Over the last few days that's happened a lot! Right now i'm currently in Croatia. The premise of this adventure has been to create a series of destination travel videos in partnership with MTV & Flight Centre, whilst partnering with Topdeck, Busabout, & Contiki in each of the different cities we travel to. The tour we're on is stopping in 3 different cities, Paris, Novalja, & Rome & recently I've been fortunate enough to
  8. How To Lose Your Splendour Virginity
    11 Jul, 2015
    How To Lose Your Splendour Virginity
    Today it dawned on me that in less than two weeks time a nation of YoLO living millennials will embark on some serious road-trips from all around the country in order to find themselves in the middle of the bush, somewhere close to a Bay they call Byron... Byron Bay. To me, this sounds great! And if I hadn't been offered the opportunity to head overseas I would be joining this group of lads & ladette's in attempt to have as much fun, watch as many bands, and meet as many new people that a common
  9. Quality Vs Quantity
    23 Jun, 2015
    Quality Vs Quantity
    In a perfect world, the prefect blogger would be able to create amazing quality content all day erry day, true? FALSE!! Sometimes life gets in the way. So the question that's been lurking in my mind over the last week or so has been that of... is this vlog quality? You see I've had to ask myself this because as a daily video blogger, I attempt to post a new video to my youtube channel the following day, though if I haven't been able to shoot enough content to create a compelling narrative that
  10. Time or Money?
    15 Jun, 2015
    Time or Money?
    What would you rather, more time or more money? Yesterday I went for a drive and asked a few people this age old question. Would you rather more time or money? You see over the last ten days I've managed to find more time in my life to do more things, whilst still making the same amount of money. Actually, maybe making a little less money but roughly around the same weekly income... Sweet F.A.! lol. Now they say time is money, so how can I use my time effectively to continue doing the things I
  11. Do More!
    09 Jun, 2015
    Do More!
    The idea of this concept has been in the back of my mind for most of this year though up until now I really didn't believe I had the time or an incredibly interesting enough life to bring this concept to fruition. You see I've been watching daily content creators video blog for the last year or so now and have really enjoyed living vicariously through their camera lens. It truly amazes me how these people are able to repeatedly capture such incredible moments, find the time to edit those moments
  12. Why America is so PHAT!
    01 Jun, 2015
    Why America is so PHAT!
    I use the word phat as an acronym for Pretty Hot And Tempting... You'll dig this if you grew up in the noughties! So if you've been following my instagram account you might already know that I recently went on a 10 day hyper-lapsed adventure that explored 4 US cities throughout the middle of May, instagram is great for keeping you updated on where I am in the world. My buddy Ryan and I found ourselves wondering the streets of LA, teaching dance moves to Australians on Contiki in Vegas, ordering
  13. Welcome To The Adventure!
    01 May, 2015
    Welcome To The Adventure!
    Too often we forget about those comical moments which happen when no one else is around though we think to ourself, at the time, how funny was that! or... i'll remember that, but we don't. Usually this is because those moments are overshadowed by the more important things our busy lives throw at us. You see without the little things, the one percenters, our judgment of a day can be overshadowed making it harder to see light at the end of the tunnel.  How can we continue to put ourselves through