my millennial adventure



  1. An Idea To Change The World
    29 Jun, 2015
    An Idea To Change The World
    A couple of weeks ago a pair of video bloggers from the U.K. Louis Cole & Dave Erasmus, released a video into the world asking for submissions of idea's on 'how to change the world.' The project is titled 'Solvey' and is basically scouring the internet for creative idea's that the pair can essentially kick-start & collaborate on by reaching out to their network of resources and aiding in the promotion of the successful idea.  My buddy Joshua Phrakhun DM'd the link on twitter which sparked a
  2. Quality Vs Quantity
    23 Jun, 2015
    Quality Vs Quantity
    In a perfect world, the prefect blogger would be able to create amazing quality content all day erry day, true? FALSE!! Sometimes life gets in the way. So the question that's been lurking in my mind over the last week or so has been that of... is this vlog quality? You see I've had to ask myself this because as a daily video blogger, I attempt to post a new video to my youtube channel the following day, though if I haven't been able to shoot enough content to create a compelling narrative that